Our mission:

Help people feel better through the power of classical music.

About ClassiCosmos

About ClassiCosmos

ClassiCosmos is an Internet radio station that streams the best of classical music non-stop online without any commercials.

Our philosophy at ClassiCosmos is to deliver 24/7 the best of classical music at the highest quality available. We believe that through the power of classical music we can help people feel better.

Listeners choose us because our playlist is driven by passion, and it's programmed to emotionally connect with them. Whether you want to improve your concentration, or you're just trying to relax and get some good sleep after a long day, ClassiCosmos has music for all of life’s moments.

Why ClassiCosmos ?

ClassiCosmos is a webradio that streams the best of classical music 24/7 online without any commercials.

Our passionate team

We are classical music lovers, and sharing classical music is our passion.

ClassiCosmos team

Abderrahmane Fath

A potterhead and a huge classical music lover. I love sharing good vibes with others and making someone's day through good music.

ClassiCosmos team

Imane Farih

Nothing is better than reading a book, or practicing yoga while listening to classical music. What can I say, I just can't live without it.

Frequently asked questions

Is ClassiCosmos the new Edenomy radio?

Yes, ClassiCosmos was originally under the name of Edenomy radio.

Created by a classical music lover named Abderrahmane Fath, ClassiCosmos started as a project in 2019 at ENCG of Casablanca

Yes, ClassiCosmos radio doesn't have any commercials. So you can enjoy classical music without any distractions at all.

You can listen to ClassiCosmos radio on our website, or on other platforms (websites and apps) like Zeno.fm, Radio Garden, Radioline, Radio.co.ma, Radio.net, Online Radio Box, etc.

For more information, please visit our How To Listen page.

Created in 2019, ClassiCosmos is already the 1st classical music radio station in Morocco. In fact, each month, more than 25,000 people including 5,000 Moroccans at the minimum, listen to ClassiCosmos radio for at least 15 minutes.

Please contact us to help you add ClassiCosmos radio to your website.